Sukhothai Restaurant (2134 Robertson Rd) – awesome

Sukhothai Restaurant (2134 Robertson Rd.)

Experience the Rich Flavors of Thailand in Ottawa

Quick Facts:

  • 🔍 Highlight: Authentic Thai cuisine with a modern twist
  • 🌱 Dietary Options: Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available
  • 💳 Price Point: $$ (Entrees range from $20-$30)

A cozy and elegant setting with traditional Thai decor elements, vibrant colors, and warm lighting that creates an inviting atmosphere.

Sukhothai Restaurant

Discoveries at Sukhothai Restaurant:

  • Signature Dish: Pad Thai – traditional fried rice noodles with shrimp or chicken, egg, bean sprouts, and ground peanuts.
  • Ambiance: A harmonious blend of traditional Thai aesthetics with contemporary touches, providing a serene dining environment.
  • Menu Variety: Extensive selection of classic Thai dishes, including curries, stir-fries, and noodle dishes.

🗣️ Customer Impressions:

“A hidden gem! The flavors are authentic, and the service is fantastic.” – Jessica M., Google Reviews.

Situated on Robertson Road in Nepean, Sukhothai Restaurant offers a delightful culinary journey through Thailand. Known for its authentic Thai flavors and welcoming ambiance, Sukhothai has become a favorite for both locals and visitors seeking a taste of Thailand.

Stepping into Sukhothai Restaurant is like embarking on a gastronomic adventure through Thailand. The restaurant’s interior, adorned with traditional Thai decor and vibrant colors, sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. The menu features a wide array of Thai classics, each dish crafted with care and precision. From the rich and creamy curries to the fragrant and spicy stir-fries, every bite is a testament to Sukhothai’s commitment to authenticity. The Pad Thai, a customer favorite, offers a harmonious blend of flavors, with chicken, shrimp, egg, bean sprouts, and peanuts.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday to Friday: 11:30 AM – 2 PM, 5 PM – 9PM
  • Saturday: 5 PM – 9 PM
  • Sunday: closed


2134 Robertson Rd, Nepean, ON K2H 5Z1

Phone Number:

Sukhothai Restaurant

Whether you’re a seasoned Thai food enthusiast or a newcomer to this vibrant cuisine, Sukhothai promises a meal to remember.

Recommended Dish:

Gang Khua Sappa Rod: a delectable red curry with shrimp, coconut milk, tomatoes, and pineapple. This dish encapsulates the essence of Thai cuisine and is a must-try for any visitor.

Distance from Parliament - Core Downtown:

Sukhothai Restaurant is approximately 15 kilometers from Parliament Hill, making it a convenient drive through the scenic routes of Ottawa.

Located in the heart of Nepean, Sukhothai Restaurant is easily accessible and offers ample parking. It’s an ideal destination for both casual dining and special occasions. Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends, to ensure a table at this popular spot.


Closing Thoughts:

Sukhothai Restaurant offers a vibrant taste of Thailand right in Ottawa, combining authentic flavors with a welcoming atmosphere. Let WIGuide be your guide to exploring more culinary delights in Ottawa, weaving together memorable experiences one meal at a time.

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For further details or to make a reservation, visit Sukhothai Restaurant’s official website.