About us

WIDWIG, standing for ‘What should I Do, Where should I Go,’ 

is a dynamic travel suggestion company offering a customized, time-saving guidebook tailored to a customer’s preferences for dining and activities, ranging from low-budget to luxury experiences and from cozy cafes to adventurous outings.

We streamline your decision-making process for dining and activities, focusing on reducing the time and effort typically required for travel planning.

Our guidebook, WIGuide, provides essential information in a condensed format, helping users bypass the tedious task of visiting multiple websites for details like operational hours, addresses, and offerings without the hassle of extensive research.

WIDWIG prides itself on its brand personality—like a sociable, detail-oriented friend who enjoys planning and sharing discoveries. 

Emphasizing new experiences and excitement, WIDWIG’s mission is to facilitate the discovery of local hidden gems and create memorable experiences easily accessible to its users.