A/Maze Escape Game Atwater (3550 Rue Saint-Jacques) – Exciting

A/Maze Escape Game Atwater (3550 Rue Saint-Jacques)

Unlock Adventure: The Ultimate Brain Tease in Montreal

Ready for an epic brain workout? The A/Maze Escape Game Atwater on Rue Saint-Jacques is your thrill-inducing, puzzle-packed adventure right in the heart of Montreal. Here, the ambiance is electric – each room a different world, ready to challenge your wit and teamwork. As for price, it’s a wallet-friendly quest, so gather your crew without the fret about the treasure chest. No need to worry about dietary restrictions here; the only thing you’ll be consuming is the excitement and mystery!

a maze

Each visit to the A/Maze Escape Game Atwater is a unique journey – one where you become the main character in a plot that thickens with each clue you unravel. The puzzles are ingenious, the scenarios riveting, and the satisfaction of solving? Unmatched. It’s an immersive escape from the ordinary that calls for all your Sherlock vibes and 007 skills.

What A/Maze Escape Game Atwater Has to Offer:

With a plethora of themes, from spine-chilling horror to detective noir, there’s a story for every adventurer. Each escape room is a playground for the mind, a safe space for imagination to run wild. You’ll need to connect the dots, think outside the box, and race against the clock to win.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday to Friday: 2 PM – 11 PM
  • Saturday: 10 AM – 11 PM
  • Sunday: 10 AM – 11 PM


3550 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montréal, QC H4C 1H2

Phone Number:

(514) 504-2139

A/Maze Escape Game Atwater

Recommended Experience:

The ‘Pharaoh’s Tomb’ room – it’s like stepping into an Indiana Jones movie, but you’re the star.

Distance from Centre-ville - Core Downtown:

A quick 10-minute drive or a few stops on the metro will transport you from the urban sprawl to puzzle paradise.

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For further details or to make a reservation, visit A/Maze Escape Game Atwater official website.